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Small Change Adds Up

I have always valued saving for the future. Saving for a retirement plan is especially crucial today. When I first started my career, pension plans were on the way out. They have been replaced with 401(k)’s for the most part now, but having a 401(k) plan doesn’t mean we are going to participate! This problem […]

Shopping Local & MyGenPerks

“Shop Local” is the mantra for every small town, but how does a small business in Upstate New York effectively promote themselves? An immediate response is often “Internet Marketing” followed with some gibberish about social media, AdWords, boosting and the like. In an informal survey I conducted, I found that very few have a good […]

The Growing Problem of Identity Theft

It seems like a topic that never leaves the headlines: identity theft and cyber-crime. As a service to our customers, we have begun to offer credit monitoring/ identity theft aid services free with many of our accounts. Identity Theft is a Concern for Everyone Data security has been breached at credit bureaus (Equifax), social media […]

This Time of Year

Temperatures have dropped as have all the leaves from the trees. Days are shorter and yet in these weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas there is much hustle and bustle for all of us. There is just so much to do!  This time of year is a favorite for time with family and friends, time to […]

Equifax Hack

We certainly do live in troubling times! Equifax just announced that the personal information for 143 million US customers was accessed. I think I might be in that mix! Information lost could include credit card numbers, addresses, employer information, dispute documents and so much more. Imagine the craftiness of the individual(s) that pulled that off!! […]

It’s time to increase financial literacy

I have counseled a number of families over the years regarding their financial status. Generally, the meetings are the result of an unexpected event that has upset the family’s financial apple cart or a realization that the path taken has resulted in less than favorable circumstances. In the first instance, the unexpected event can be […]

Go ahead, set a goal

  I’m not one that makes New Year’s resolutions.  The New Year does afford itself to the occasion as there is something about starting a year with a fresh start.  But, I found that such resolutions generally end up not being achieved. Instead, I keep a “to do” list.  All through the year, things are […]

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a favorite American holiday but giving thanks is not uniquely American.  Over the course of human history many thanksgiving proclamations were proffered by national leaders and prominent figures.  President Washington established our National Day of Thanksgiving on November 26, 1789, “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging […]

Future of Banking

One constant in my banking career is change.  I was talking to my friend John just this past weekend, and he reminded me that it was 25 years since Sue and I introduced him to his wife, Christine.  In that conversation, he mentioned our time together at Gloversville Federal Savings. I was born in Gloversville […]

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