Go ahead, set a goal


I’m not one that makes New Year’s resolutions.  The New Year does afford itself to the occasion as there is something about starting a year with a fresh start.  But, I found that such resolutions generally end up not being achieved.

Menzo Case

Instead, I keep a “to do” list.  All through the year, things are completed and removed, and new things are added.  To be effective, I try to be very specific about the objective.  General / nebulous goals are difficult to measure and would probably never be taken off the list.  For example, “Manage our money better” is a terrific goal, but hardly achievable.  Who is to say when we have accomplished that?  Instead, several years ago, a goal was to:  “Establish a spending plan, accounting for every dollar and repay all credit cards.”  We had accumulated some debt on cards – all for “good reasons” – and we really needed to eliminate that burden.  In time, we achieved the goal.  More importantly, we established a whole new way to look at spending, establishing priorities and planning for the future.

I also like the idea of creating an opportunity for a fresh start any time.  Why wait until December 31 at the magical hour of midnight to make a resolution (or better, set a worthy goal)?  I’d rather hit the rack early on December 31 than stay up anyway.  One of the impediments I’ve found for making a fresh start is me.  I mean, is a donut really that bad that I have to give them up?  Surely, I can do something else to achieve that ideal weight!  Isn’t that the case for most people?  We’ll rationalize everything away just so that we can stay in our comfort zone.  We, ourselves, become the roadblock.

Change is difficult for just about everyone.  Did you ever move the cups from one cupboard to another in the kitchen?  Try it!  For 15 years, our coffee cups were in one location.  My son moved the cups to the location above the coffee maker, and moved the plates to where the cups were previously.  Now, more than a year later, I find myself wanting to hide cups in the old cupboard because I keep going over there for a cup.  I haven’t gone that route, but sometimes…The point is that change – even good ones – are rarely accepted initially and often difficult to implement.  But, don’t let that stop you from getting a fresh start in your life!

Remember:  A dream comes from much work and a fool’s voice from many words.  Forget all those resolutions.  Go ahead, set a goal.  Struggle with it.  Get some help to move in the right direction.  Before you know it, you’ll achieve it.