Since our beginning as Seneca Falls Savings Bank nearly 150 years ago and continuing as Generations Bank, we have been committed to helping our communities save for their future.

Statement Savings Account

Traditional day to day savings account with deposit and withdrawal privileges, including ATM transactions.

Minor/Custodian Savings

A single ownership statement savings account set up for minors. The Minor is the owner and the Custodian is the authorized signer. When the Minor reaches the age of 18 or 21, the Custodian and the Minor will close the account and open a new statement savings account.

Certificates of Deposit

A fixed rate, fixed term investment. Choose the term and rate that’s right for you. Learn More »

Money Market Accounts

A savings account option with attractive interest rates and easy access to funds. To learn more about money market accounts, call us at 315.568.5855 or use the contact form provided below.

Holiday Club

A Savings account for customers’ holiday needs that draws interest. Annually in October the balance is automatically transferred to a checking or savings account. The account remains open to begin the new year deposits.

School Savings

A savings account for children set up as Minor/Custodian. A great way for young students to learn about savings and interest. No minimum deposit or minimum balance required.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts are a great way to take control of your healthcare expenses for your family or your employees. But you likely have some questions. This page provides answers to some common questions you may have, as well as preliminary documents that are required for opening a Health Savings Account. Learn More »