Shopping Local & MyGenPerks

“Shop Local” is the mantra for every small town, but how does a small business in Upstate New York effectively promote themselves? An immediate response is often “Internet Marketing” followed with some gibberish about social media, AdWords, boosting and the like. In an informal survey I conducted, I found that very few have a good handle on this new world order of marketing.

So, as we were rethinking our deposit product marketing, where internet presence and savvy have and will continue to have an increasing effect on success, our Growth and Profitability VP came across a terrific idea – help our local businesses promote themselves by linking discounts to our GO Premium and GO Preferred checking products. But, how does that work? Fortunately, we work with a resourceful team who found a willing technology partner to provide us with a solution.

BaZing – that technology partner – powers our newly released MyGenPerks mobile app through which we are able to offer our customers 360,000 discounts where they live, work or travel. And, more importantly, our local merchants can offer deals through MyGenPerks at no cost.

Now, here’s the cool part: Remember the scene in the movie Minority Report when a character on the run enters a store when an ad, specifically designed for him, pops up to offer a discount? We are nearly there! With MyGenPerks, when a given customer is near a place offering a discount, a notification is pushed to their phone alerting them to the discount or deal. It’s crazy! I just recently saved $1.15 just buying two cups of coffee at a local coffee house using MyGenPerks!

Plus, we are finding more opportunities to learn about internet-based marketing throughout our markets. For example, the Seneca Falls Development Corporation is now offering free social media utilization and optimization training for local businesses.